(Đọc bài tiếng Việt TẠI ĐÂY)
     "Happy New Year- Chuc mung nam moi ! """   Anne Cullen a British English teacher at UNB Saint John College said in Vietnamese. She said this sentence at the celebration party for Lunar New Year organized by 41 Vietnamese students. 


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         In February Canada is still covered with snow. The branches of the trees are comletly bare.
Therefore fresh peach blossoms and yellow apricot flowers  seemed to make the party warmer.
atificial flowers made by the Vietnamese students looked like real flowers.  The students spent several days creating flowers to welcome in The Lunar New Year. Peter McGill Director of UNB Saint John college was impressed to see that. He had not been to Vietnam but he knew that peach and apricot flowers were the symbol of a New Spring. They were indispensable at Vietnamese traditional New Year Festival.


          At the gathering to welcome New Spring there were video clips to introduce the Lunar New Year festival traditional songs and folk games...It was exciting and fun to help teachers and international friends at UNB Saint John College to understand more about Vietnamese culture and customs.

          As a newcomer who had settled in Canada Kim Chi was pleased to attend the traditional New Year together with the Vietnamese students. Her family rented an apartment in Saint John. According to traditional customs on New Year s Day people in Viet Nam burn incense to worship their ancestors. Kim Chi had not done it in her apartment in Saint John because the incense smoke would have activated the automatic fire alarm system. It is said that there are about 500 Chinese families and up to 400 Korean families in Saint John but there are less than 10 Vietnamese families. Therefore joining together with the Vietnamese students helped her to reduce her homesickness.


          Catherine McKay a Canadian English teacher who had been in Vietnam for three months expressed her sympathy with Vietnamese students because she knew that New Year  was the most important occasion for family reunion in Viet Nam.

         "My dear students!"- said Catherine McKay - "You can t help missing your families when you spend New Year here half way round the earth from your country. I do understand this. We will try our best to help you and hope you all have a happy new year". Her voice brought tears to her students eyes.   

          On the occasion of New Year and on behalf of UNBSJ College Director Peter McGill offered gifts and wished Vietnamese students many more achievements in their studies. Following Vietnamese traditional customs New Year is also the occasion for students to show their  gratitude toward teachers (Lunar New Year includes 3 days: the 1st of New Year is for Father the 2nd for Mother and the 3rd for Teachers). As is customary Vietnamese students gave gifts to their UNBSJ teachers for their kind behaviour and enthusiastic teaching.


          "On behalf of UNBSJ teachers I say thank you very much"- said Catherine McKay - "The gifts whatever they are are more than we expected. But I have found: Vietnam and its people are always more than we expected"  ! 
                                                                                                        by Quang Du



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